Hughes Breathes Easy with Diesel Emissions Reduction Project

Posted on Oct 18, 2017 in Air Quality, Power Plant

Most rural Alaskan communities depend on diesel for reliable power generation, but it comes at a cost. The EPA DERA program is a federal program designed to improve air quality by reducing harmful emissions from diesel engines.

GSE worked with the City of Hughes to replace their dirty, older engines with cleaner, more efficient engines funded by EPA’s DERA program. GSE guided the City of Hughes through the complex regulatory and programmatic hurdles to complete the project on time and under budget.

Services provided include:

  • Regulatory and programmatic compliance
  • Concept and final design
  • Construction administration, including bid specs, commissioning, and O&M Manuals

Is your community eligible to participate in the DERA program? For more information, contact the State of Alaska Program Manager, and read more about DERA projects, on the AEA website.

Hughes DERA Power Plant Upgrades

Disabled engine block, replaced by cleaner engine