Fort Yukon Fires Up a New Power Plant

Posted on Mar 3, 2017 in Power Plant, Recovered Heat, Wood Heat

In February 2017, the Gwitchyaa Zhee Utility Company in Fort Yukon, Alaska fired up a new combined heat and power (CHP) plant. With new, energy efficient diesel generators and automatic start/stop paralleling switchgear, the plant will reduce operating costs, displace up to 85,000 gallons of heating fuel per year, and meet the long-term electric power and heat needs of Fort Yukon. The recovered heat system serves seven community buildings with low cost heat, and will be supplemented with a wood chip boiler in 2017.

GSE provided concept design, design development, and construction administration for the project. The project was delivered using the “modified force account method.” For this method, the owner hires temporary employees and uses select contracts to construct the project. As a result, the project was completed at a lower cost, with more local hire, and with more local knowledge about the plant’s ongoing operation and maintenance.